• Dominik Tilman

Is your Marketing up to date?

In the following I present 3 steps to identify if your marketing (and also sales) is up to date.

1. STEP: Identify the trends which influence the collaboration between marketing and sales today?

  • Global markets enable new sales opportunities, but also mean global competition with new competitors.

  • Digital innovations result in new opportunities at all company levels, but require continuous adaptation and change processes.

  • Customers expect increasingly personal and timely interaction, especially when solving problems.

  • Product innovations are characterized by ever shorter life cycles and an increased degree of customization.

  • Networking and customer orientation require integrated cooperation between all departments in the company.

2. STEP: What requirements result from the trends for your marketing and sales department?


Anyone who cannot meet changing customer needs or recognizes new market conditions too late or is the last to discover new opportunities will lose their competitiveness. It is therefore essential that your own organization can react quickly and precisely to changes or is able to set new trends.

3. STEP: Is your marketing structure designed for the new requirements?

If you have an adequate answer to the following questions, your marketing (and sales) is up to date. If not, you should get some help. Immediately.

  • How does the communication and data exchange between Marketing & Sales take place?

  • How are the processes between the two departments structured? Is the distribution of tasks efficient and effective?

  • Are the goals and strategies of Marketing & Sales coordinated or are there conflicting goals?

  • From the customer's point of view: Do Marketing & Sales work on solutions cross-functional or do they work in parallel or even in opposite directions?

  • Does the distribution of power and resources between marketing and sales correspond to the real requirements?

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