• Dominik Tilman

The question that every company must ask today

Every company must ask itself today:

Is my marketing and sales structure still up to date and does it meet the current requirements?

The digital transformation is a change process that is driven by digital technologies. But for me that doesn't just mean integrating software into company processes or data-based customer communication. I am primarily talking about adapting and optimizing the associated marketing and sales processes.

Why is it necessary to adapt the marketing and sales processes?

Companies live according to goals and plans and have been successful for a long time with that for good reason. But more and more often this is no longer sufficient to ensure the ability to act in a dynamic market environment. Dynamics cannot be planned precisely. Dynamics require constant adjustments in the company, but rigid processes and the lack of understanding of the people involved successfully prevent these changes.

Dynamic markets and new framework conditions

In addition, the responsibilities of marketing and sales are shifting. One example is the online shop: Here, customer contact is mostly in the hands of marketing and no longer with sales. Those companies whose structure is not designed for the new distribution of tasks will soon feel a headwind. However, structural adjustments too often fall on deaf ears and so the company cannot act quickly and precisely enough when it matters.

Cross-departmental conflicts and subcultures

Conflicts between marketing and sales increase the negative effect. From the point of view of sales, marketing ideas pass the market by. From the point of view of marketing, sales only deal with simple customers, strategic goals are neglected. Both examples demonstrate that there is too little communication and coordination between the two units in most companies.

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